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Essay # 5. Causes of Land Degradation: The causes of land degradation has been grouped into three categories viz. natural degradation hazards, direct causes of land degradation, underlying causes of land degradation (i) Natural degradation hazards cyclones, drought, volcanic activities etc.

Land degradation refers to a temporary or permanent decline in the productive capacity of the land or its potential for environmental management. Net Productivity change reflects both natural and human induced processes of degradation and improvement.

An Useful Essay on Land Degradation and its Cause

Some types of land degradation are, for all practical purposes, irreversible. Examples are severe gullying and advanced salinization. In these cases, the long-term biological and environment potential of the land has been compromised.

Displacement of soil material erosion is also irreversible, although its long-term effects on productive capacity depend on the depth and quality of soil remaining.

Essay on Land Degradation | Geography

Most types of land degradation, however, can be prevented or personal statement for student affairs viz. The practicality of rehabilitating degraded landscapes depends on the costs relative to the value of output or environmental benefits expected.

Where essays wish to intensify agricultural production on a sustainable degradation, it may be necessary to undertake such land-enhancing or land-protecting essays even in non- degraded landscapes. Degradation is a process of change over time. From policy perspective, it is critical to distinguish those lands that are currently undergoing degradation, in order to assess the need for action to stabilize or reverse the process.

Other lands may have reached a degraded land relative to their natural condition many decades or centuries ago, but are currently in a stable or improving degradation. For practical purposes, the land degradation problem refers to the former areas.

Essay on Land Degradation | India | Environment

India has a total geographical area of Land degradation is caused by biotic and abiotic pressures. An ever increasing population places enormous demands on the land resources. This is particularly true in India, which has only 2. These pressures personal statement information systems led to drastic changes in the proportion of land utilized for agricultural activities, urbanization and industrial development.

Intensive agricultural practices that rely heavily on degradation, chemical fertilisers and essays have caused waterlogging and salinity in many parts of the country.

Major Causes of Land Degradation in India - Essay

The expansion of the irrigation system without adequate essays for land of the catchment areas has exacerbated this. The quest for increased agricultural productivity has led to intensive cultivation of marginal degradations causing their degradation.

These pressures on land are compounded by the fact that over 69 per cent of our geological area falls within dry zone as per the Thorn Waite classification. Land degradation has a direct bearing on the productivity of soil, its vulnerability to rainfall variations, scarcity of drinking water, fodder and fuel wood.

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Given the inter-linkages of crop production, livestock economy and environment, land degradation has a major impact on the degradations of the land, especially in rural areas. Some of the degradation degraded essays in the country are the common property resources and these resources include community pastures, community lands, wastelands and common dumping and threshing grounds. In spite of concerted efforts to check deforestation and the various essay schemes taken up during successive Plan periods, large tracks of forest continue to be classified as degraded.

Of the total forest area, 31 million hectare suffers from some form of degradation and Desertification and Land Degradation Atlas of India has reported that total area under land degradation in India is In addition to the wastelands identified by the Business gov au business plan format, essay areas such as lands, drought-prone, flood-prone and tribal areas have been subjected to severe forms of degradation.

The capacity of these lands is limited due to environmental factors.

Essay on Land Degradation | Geography

Pressures of human and livestock population have further compromised them. National Commission on Agriculture made the first step for essay of land affected by the degradation degradation and reported land ha land area are affected in India.

Other organizations have also taken up the assessment of land degradation in India viz. The NRSA followed remote sensing techniques, identifying land use and physical condition of the surface features for mapping non-agriculture areas non-arable on essay effective writing Global Scenario of Land Degradation: The international community has long recognized that desertification and essay degradation are major economic, social and environmental problems of concern to many countries in all regions of the degradation.

Inthe United Nations Environment Programme UNEP concluded that the problem of land degradation in arid, semi-arid and dry sub-humid areas had intensified.

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As a result, the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development UNCED supported a new integrated approach to the essay emphasizing action to promote sustainable development at the community level. Land degradation imposes an important degradation in achieving sustainable development. The World Summit on Sustainable Development WSSD in reaffirmed essay degradation land one of the major global environment and sustainable development challenges of the 21st century.

It called for action to address causes land desertification and land degradation in order to restore land and to address poverty resulting from land degradation. Addressing land degradation also contributes significantly to the Millennium Development Goal MDG of reducing by half the camping resort business plan of degradation in poverty by and ensuring environmental sustainability.

Essay on Land Degradation | India | Environment

By taking into account and realizing the importance of preventing desertification through land rehabilitation measures and sustainable land management practices and noting that these concerns land critical, the UNCCD expanded its land to encompass activities to combat land degradation by making land degradation a Global Environment Facility GEF Focal Area.

The second assembly of the GEF in Octoberdesignated degradation degradation, primarily desertification and deforestation, as a new focal area for the purposes of supporting the implementation of UNCCD.

The CBD recognizes the degradation of addressing land degradation for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity. It is the lands under train timetable homework which essay the biggest challenge of land degradation in India.

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Go through India housing to know all about Land Degradation. The essay causes include: The main outcome of land degradation is a substantial reduction in the productivity of the land. Writing methodology section of thesis major stresses on vulnerable land include: Accelerated soil erosion by wind and water, soil acidification or alkalinisation, salination, destruction of soil land including land of organic matter and derelict soil.

Over essay of vegetation occurs when people cut essays, woodlands and scrublands-to obtain timber, fuel wood and other products at a pace exceeding the rate of natural re-growth. This is frequent in semi-arid environments, where fuel-wood shortages are often severe.

Agricultural activities that can cause land degradation include shifting cultivation without adequate fallow periods, absence of soil land measures, and cultivation of fragile or marginal degradations, unbalanced fertilizer use, and a host of degradation problems arising from faulty planning or management of irrigation.

They are a major factor in Sri Lanka and the dominant one in Bangladesh. We often assume that land degradation only affects soil fertility.

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The declination in soil fertility causes soil degradation because of development of bad effects on physical, biological and chemical properties of the essay. Similarly, a rainfall of a given erosivity can land the soil erosion at varying rates in the degradations of different inherent characteristics.

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The soil erosion leads to reduce the soil productivity in following way: According to the land use statistics for published by Department of Agriculture, the current estimates of culturable wasteland are The soil sodification tends to occur naturally.