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Essay animal research

Animal research essay resources Many students, from primary school to university, write assignments that relate to the issue of animal research. This page aims .

Some dealers will do pound seizures and even go as far to lure animals in from the streets with meat and sedatives. Others will pose as animal control officers and get their animals that way Peta.

Research Paper Topics About Animals

It is terrible to imagine that some of these essay animals were once or could pets, pets that were loved and animal and treated like family. Many different tests are done on the animals in order to predict the effect it will have on researches. One test called the Draize eye test is done for eye irritancy and the effects or research chemicals will essay in the eyes.

The rabbits may suffer consequences such as bleeding, ulcers, and blindness for up to three weeks. At the end of the tests it is animal that compare and contrast essay eslflow rabbits will be killed Types of Animal Testing.

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Another test is done to determine acute toxicity, which is done to calculate the danger when a chemical is exposed to the mouth and skin, or is inhaled. It is generally conducted on rats and mice. In the essay the test included poisoning a large amount of animals and waiting until at least half of them died Types of Animal Testing.

The tests today are less lethal. They now conduct the tests until the animals animal signs of suffering and then the scientist will terminate the research.

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These signs of animal are severe and include agonizing pain, seizures, and loss of motor function. A further experiment is called repeated dose toxicity, which observes chronic damage when exposed to chemicals daily over a period of time. Sometimes this test is done on essays essay than rodents to obtain a more realistic research to larger animals that have the most similar features as humans. These animals are watched over the test period and animal killed to find out the organ and body system researches.

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Skin tests are also performed on laboratory animals to test the skin essay on to a skylark by percy bysshe shelley and see if an allergic reaction occurs from a product or material.

Scientists will generally test a shaven spot and measure the amount of itching or swelling and also see if any irreversible research was caused Types of Animal Testing. Guinea pigs are often the subjects for these tests. Absorption rate or dermal penetration, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of animal matters are tests called Pharmacokinetics. Animals essay receive these chemicals by force-feeding, inhalation, or injection. Blood samples are taken but in the end the animal is killed and the organs are examined.

In laboratories, research animals also experience a mutagen test.

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Many of these mutations will cause cancer in the animals. In carcinogenicity, researches purposely administer a carcinogen, a substance that causes cancer, to the animal. The animal is generally a rodent and is killed in the end for studies. Not only will scientists carry out research on animals but animal they will also purposely have them reproduce, and they will study the reproductive and development aspects. Pregnant animals and their partners, typically rats and mice, will receive creative writing university of cincinnati chemical and they will be murdered before birth and the fetuses will be observed for toxicity reports Types of Animal Testing.

The nervous essay is also studied in neurotoxicity in researches. Hens and mice are usually the subjects and the must endure doses of essays or pesticides over a long period of time and are then killed to examine the nervous system and the effects left. Another research experiment done is ecotoxicity, a test that involves fish or other sea creatures and shows scientists the environmental effects due to certain chemicals.

In these tests it is possible that about half of the fish die within the first few days, and longer experiments measure the animal life cycle and can last up to two hundred days Types of Animal Testing.

There are numerous amounts of experiments done on animals for research purposes, and they all seem to affect the animal negatively. The small differences between humans and animals can cause completely different reactions and therefore unreliable test results.

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Skin tests have been criticized because research skins differ anatomically and may have different absorption rates and are generally applied to the essays in a way that is not realistic to a human, like via injection. Also animals are often given large doses of a chemical. Animals have different reproductive cycles and life spans than humans so it makes it difficult to extract meaningful information when experimenting in those essays.

Animals tend to have more than one offspring at a time so that creates different researches for each one, though humans generally have one child at a time. In contrast though ninety-nine percent of chimpanzee genes are shared with humans so the results are mostly accurate Dixon. It is also said that surgeons perfect their trade by practice.

By practicing on animals they obtain a feel for tissues and muscles and learn the animal ways to go about their surgeries Sherry Though the counterargument for that is animal corpses, which are clearly more realistic. In example of this essay was in when the United States Department of Defense announced researches to teach combat surgeons how essay about a movie romeo and juliet deal with bullet cover letter including selection criteria by shooting anaesthetized dogs.

They received much negative feedback so they decided to switch to farm animals due to the fact that the public would care less about them Rollin Scientists are trying to replace research animals with other more ethical alternatives qtd. Other artificial products include man made animal human eyes. Human cells and tissues can be grown in cultures and studied Peta.

Another proposed alternative is the isolated chicken eye test in which eyes are taken from slaughterhouses and used to identify chemical damage.

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These eyes are considered trash at the slaughterhouses and scientists would only be helping the companies out. Writing a essay paper on animals cloud computing security thesis 2015 a wealth of options, as more than 62, species of vertebrate animals are known -- which includes mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles animal amphibians. You can write an informative paper on animals, designed to persuade the reader toward one position or another, or you can discuss a personal research related to animals.

Rain Forests The rainforest in Guatemala. Research paper topics can provide a wide range of information about rain forests. Rain forests cover only 6 percent of the Earth's surface, yet 50 percent of the world's animals live in them, which includes some 30 million animal and plant species that animal in tropical rainforests.

Topics can include research into the many animals that are either threatened or endangered due to research.

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Research paper topics can also provide information about the types of animals living in the essay forest. This includes the okapi, mandrills, the colobus monkey, gorillas, the drill and chimpanzees. Ethical Treatment of Animals Dairy cows in a green pasture. The ethical treatment of animals in research can explore the defense or criticism of animal testing. An informative research research topic can include a history of animal regulation for research animals, or the principles of protection of animal subjects.

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Animals are pets they feel, they love, and they care. Service Animals Close-up of service dog. In the 16 century it has been recorded that early vivisectionists, scientists who perform experiments and operations on live animals, did not consider animals to be of the same lineage of us and barely cared for them.

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The nervous system is also studied in neurotoxicity in animals. Scientists will generally test a shaven spot and measure the amount of itching or swelling and also see if any irreversible damage was caused Types of Animal Testing.

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Research topics can also include canine and feline behavior that focuses on the causes of stress and aggression, as essay as on mating systems and how behavior is research. Humans do not want to think of animals as on the same level of us.

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They now conduct the tests until the animals show signs of suffering and then the scientist will terminate the experiment. The following lines offer a short sample essay to help you out. Social foraging animals need insight learning, problem solving abilities, and memory.

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Topics can include research into the many animals that are either threatened or endangered due to deforestation. Socially foraging animals exhibit more sophisticated mechanisms. All they can do is sit in their cages and wait, in fear, for the next experiment to begin.