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As stated in the case study. Multiculturalism is the main challenge to the company as vital element in meeting customer demand and gaining competitive advantage. Those issues had badly contributed to AVON corporate culture and created impact for company performance in the pass.

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10:52 Taudal:
Another factor for the underperformance of Avon in the late s is its failure to develop the online business. Another strategy is growing global beauty category sales through in new product development, advertising and sampling.

23:20 Dorn:
Venus and Serena Williams were popular teen icons that portrayed the case where Jung hoped to achieve for Avon; study, powerful, and ambitious. Avon has lost loyalty and brand recognition as a result of its decision to diversify into different industries avon different solution lines.

17:14 Tedal:
She pushed for the addition of attractive new products to Avon and its sales representatives. This has resulted in a loss of market share drastically affecting annual profit margins. However, by the s, the company had lost its luster and performance began to falter.

19:33 Goltigore:
The proposed plan will indeed create an additional distribution outlet and cater to this market segment. However, by the s, the company had lost its luster and performance began to falter. What risks do you see?