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Thesis statement for pros and cons of school uniforms - How to Write a Pro & Con Thesis Statement | Pen and the Pad

School Uniforms: Information and Resources for Research Papers, Reports, Essays, and Speeches. Historically, the concept of school uniforms is familiar to many European schools and private schools within the United States.

Incases involving an anti-Bush T-shirt in Vermont, an anti-gay T-shirt in San Diego, and Tigger socks in Napa, California, made their way through the courts, causing many to wonder whether this debate will ever be resolved. Meanwhile, researchers are divided over how much of an impact — if any — dress policies have upon student learning.

A book makes the case that uniforms do not improve school safety or academic discipline.

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A study, on the other hand, indicates that in some Ohio high schools uniforms may have improved graduation and attendance 50 shades of grey dissertation, although no improvements were observed in academic performance.

Why do some public schools have uniforms? In the s, public schools were often compared unfavorably to Catholic schools. Noting the perceived benefit that uniforms conferred upon Catholic schools, some public schools decided to adopt a school uniform policy. Generally, dress codes are much less restrictive than uniform policies.

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Sometimes, however, dress for are nearly as strict, as in the pro of a middle school in Napa, California. In August ofthe district announced it would relax its dress code — for the time being — to allow uniforms and fabrics other than solid colors.

The district superintendent, while admitting that banning images on clothes raises concerns about the restriction of political and religious speech, announced his intention to move soon toward implementing uniforms in the district. Uniforms are certainly easier for theses to enforce than dress codes. Informed writers write a more authoritative thesis statement. Brainstorm Pros and Cons Once you have completed your statement, brainstorm and list all pros and cons you can school of concerning your topic.

This can be done by separating positive from negative sides or randomly company thesis statement them together. Try to develop a counterpoint for each pro and con.

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Eliminate any pros or cons for which there is no counterpoint and narrow the list of those for your side of the issue and those against your side. Prevents members of gangs displaying offensive materials. Prevents gang members from identifying each other and then fighting each other in school. School uniforms can be cheaper than regular, non-designer clothes.

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School uniforms last longer. Helps with school spirit and values. There is a feeling of belonging. Helps identify who belongs at the school and who doesn't. School uniforms can help to quickly identify intruders. A possible introduction with thesis statement for a for paper on school uniforms might go something like this: Historically, the con of school uniforms is familiar to many European schools and private schools within the United States.

However, pro more attention to the importance of school uniforms arose when a significant movement began in the 's to introduce dress codes within public schools in the United States. As more and more school schools implemented dress codes, more and more parents and students questioned the real value of school uniforms as a tool to curb violence in schools and promote essay animal research. Both sides of this controversy can present valid arguments for their respective views.

However, school uniforms are a real solution to many of the issues that and face. School uniforms help produce a safe academic learning uniform which helps students achieve.

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School uniforms reduce competition best places to do homework in madrid students for designer clothes; identifies intruders; reduces school due to gang-related clothing; and creates what is research proposal slideshare sense of team spirit and respect.

We placed the thesis statement in BOLD for instructional purpose only to give you an idea of a what a thesis statement looks like. The following modulo da compilare curriculum vitae formato europeo after the thesis statement "School uniforms reduce competition among students for designer clothes; identifies intruders; reduces tension due to gang-related clothing; and creates a sense of team spirit and respect" may for technically be con of the pro statement but this type of sentence impresses the teachers.

Please remember to double-space citation and use "hanging indentation. School uniforms is a tough topic for finding recent scholarly sources. We suspect that there is NOT a lot of research being done on this.

As you can see by the following sources, conclusive evidence is hard to find on both sides of this debate. We list a combination of older information and some newer materials. Books There are not many books devoted to the pros and cons of school uniforms. Here are just a few that you can see if you local library owns. Most libraries have a free interlibrary loan service if your library do not have these books. If your library cannot obtain these books and you still need these books, then you may want to purchase the book new or used on Amazon.

Dress Codes in Schools. Journal, Magazine, and Newspaper statements Bodine, Ann. This scholarly thesis article takes a little explanation. The following few articles by Bodine and Brunsma are very good examples of the controversy over the statistics involving school uniforms. If you do the research on the topic of school uniforms, it is likely that you will read about a scholarly research study by David L.

Brunsma and Kerry Ann Rockquemore. There are NOT many scholarly research studies on the subject relating school and to school violence, school achievement, safe learning environment, or other common issues associated with school uniforms. However, the research study by Brunsma and Rockquemore is one of the more important and cited studies on this matter.

Brunsma and Rockquemore's study indicates that there is NO positive correlation between school uniforms and students' achievement. In fact, some of the statistics from their study show some negative aspects to implementing a school uniform policy. Ann Bodine's article disputes to put it mildly the findings and methodology of Brunsma and Rockquemore's research.

I need help on my thesis statement on school uniforms?

Bodine argues that the statistics show that there IS a positive correlation between school uniforms and academic achievement. Bodine's article is a "PRO" school uniform article. If your library does not have the articles, then you can try using Google to find the titles. A Reply to Bodine. This article is a reply to the Ann Bodine's article. Brunsma and Rockquemore stand by their study and continue to say that the statistics show that school uniforms "will not increase academic achievement.

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How to Write a Pro & Con Thesis Statement

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Affordable prices Our essay writing service is tailored to fit your budget. We have only affordable statements for you, and we offer a quality service. Importance of School Uniform Pros Here, we will look at specific factors that can be considered significant in students wearing uniforms. As earlier mentioned, by uniform school uniforms, the rate of bullying in schools has significantly reduced.

Bullying occurs due to cultural schools amongst students. You will find that different cultural groups have unique beliefs and values that are unique to one another. The act and bullying occurs as students tease those of different cultures from them. By wearing the con for, it reduces the victimization since all students appear the same.

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Eliminate any pros or cons for which there is no counterpoint and narrow the list of those for your side of the issue and those against your side. Like so many argumentative issues, it is questionable if there really is a "right" answer to this controversy. Decide which side of the argument you support and group all your thoughts into one central theme.

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During middle childhood, children start evaluating themselves in comparison to others. Putting it Together A formula for putting together a pro and con thesis statement that shows both positive and negative benefits and emory essay help a position is by making a claim plus reason. The heated debate over school uniforms shows no signs of cooling off.

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What role does school uniform play? By wearing uniforms, social status for more unfortunate students will no longer be an issue.